Your Company + Google = Results

Content is a very effective way to attract consumer attention because it allows for an organization to differentiate itself from competitors, directly address consumer concerns or issues an discuss products or services in a way that is unique to the organization.  In a consumer driven branding and marketing world, products are interested in not only reaching a buyer but demonstrating to that individual how the product or service provided by that company to easily integrate into the life a consumer.

Content, can attract attention in an assortment of ways.  A company can generate its own content and/or rely on other entities such as bloggers, reporters, reviewers to create their own content in support of their product or service.  Additionally, an organization can utilize multiple communication platforms in order to spread the content, through social media, websites and blog sites to name a few.

Once the content has been created, organizations need to work hard in order to ensure the Google organic search rankings are present and increasing.  An effective strategy for increasing search rankings in Google is properly wording content.  If the content is regarding a specific item or service such as private basketball lessons, the author of the content should ensure that the associated key words are very distinctive and numerous.  When people looking for sport lessons or training initiate a Google search, the likelihood of them choosing the aforementioned company will increase with the number of terms or keywords that match various searches.

Additional methods for optimizing Google organic search rankings is geo-targeting or fencing and a little espionage.  Relating geotargeting, when a product or service is regional in scope, SEO can be utilized to specifically target individuals searching for a product or service in a specified area.  This ability allows efforts to attract attention more concentrated in an serviceable area, which can prove to be very effective.  In reference to espionage, companies should be aware of their competitors digital marketing strategies especially their SEO methods.  A wealth of information regarding the efficacy of a company’s marketing and branding skills can be determined through viewing the efficacy of its competitors.  If there are procedures that a competitor is performing better than you, specifically by analyzing their Google SEO, that information can be used to make better your company.  Information that is available to organizations about their competitors should be utilized in a way that will work towards gaining more attention for an organization.


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